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2017-11-27 - The birds of paradise

Thanks to Serena and Kamil I had the opportunity not only to meet many interesting and fantastic people but also to attend the wedding which was very unusual as for Poland. Unusual but equally beautiful, interesting and certainly the most colorful I've ever been on!
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2017-09-16 - The Beauty and … the Biker

Climatic Bieszczady Mountains, romantic scenery, couple in love - it is the beginning of a story, which will remain in my memory for a long time. Ilona, Maciej - thank you for the invitation! More photos soon.
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2017-08-19 - Lovers

On Monika and Pawel wedding day the weather was not too generous, but for true affection, it was not a problem. As proof of this statement, despite the rain, a rainbow appeared on the horizon ... even two of them.
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2017-06-25 - Love with fado music in the air

Asia and Andre are an example of couple who, regardless of distance, cultures and different language, gave their love a chance. Asia - hundred percent Polish woman, Andre - native Portuguese guy. Their wedding was another example that the barriers don't exist. Guests from different parts of Europe are able to get fun together perfectly. More…
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2017-01-10 - Seated in a horse’s saddle

The bride and groom horse riding to the church for their own wedding, wooden shelter instead of a wedding restaurant, and a request to all guests to arrive with no high heels or ties on - unusual isn't it - you can briefly describe the wedding of Ula and Mariusz like this. Groovińscy Band ensured…
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2016-09-28 - This special day

Gun shots, screams, anti-terrorist brigade ... sounds like the plot of a thriller? Nothing like that, such scenes occurred on the day of Natalia and Grzesiek wedding. Fortunately, it was only wedding show prepared by groom's friends. All ended happily, and a great fun lasted until dawn in restaurant "Dwa Serca" in Krosno. See it…
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